Vet Bed Gold White

Brand: Vet Bed

Dog and cat bedding with even thicker pile than Vetbed Original

Incorporates ‘Ultra-Fresh’ a non-toxic anti bacterium integrated within the fibres. Ultrafresh contains a silver additive that is safe, effective, durable and does not wash out

Keeps pets dry, warm and cosy

Suitable for the Home, Office, Car, Kennel, Basket and Travelling Crate

By controlling bacteria Ultra-Fresh therefore keeps the bed cleaner, fresher and odour free

Strong, long lasting and easy to care for

Machine washable at up to 95 ° C

Excellect drainage properties

Also available in 4 metre and 10 metre rolls

Provides effective control against:

The growth of Bacteria, Mould, Mildew and Fungi

House dust mites

‘Doggie’ odour

And is ideal for:

Dogs and cats with skin problems or allergies

What makes Vetbed Gold dog and cat bedding so unique?

Vetbed is impregnated with Ultra-Fresh fibre. This is an anti-microbial treatment used in many household, consumer and industrial products. Ultra Fresh is built into the product at the time of manufacture and lasts for the useful life of the product.

Provides control and inhibition and protection from: bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew

Prevents odours, rotting, degradation, spoilage and staining of products that could otherwise arise from the growth of these organisms

Helps prevent musty odours and stainage from fungi, mould and mildew

Prevents product breakdown and degradation from fungal attack

Helps protect against cross contamination by control of bacteria

Proven by extensive long term research and over 50 years’ experience: Effective, durable, versatile and safe

Importantly has been tested for microbiological performance

Measured bacteria reduction rate in ISO tests greater than 99.9% against control standard