Weenect GPS Tracker for Cats

Brand: OSCAR

The Weenect GPS collar is the perfect device to keep an eye on your cat. Make sure you never lose it.

Your pet may be miles away from you, but you will always find them. The included SIM card is multi-network, which allows it to operate even in the countryside. Note: the product will not be able to function if there is no cellular service available in your area.

The silicone case provided allows you to fix the GPS for cats on any size of collar or harness. So you can choose the option that best suits your pet. Note that while the small weight of the product is not a problem for a cat (whatever its size), it is, however, preferable that it is used to wearing the collar or the harness before fitting the tracker to it.

Using a Weenect Cat Tracker, you can track your cat's movements on a real time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android). The cat tracker collar allows you to locate your pet wherever it happens to be, so your cat is safe wherever it's adventure takes it.

Real Time Tracking

Spend less time looking for it. Find it quickly thanks to our three location modes.

The GPS cat tracker is a complete tracking system that shows the GPS location of your feline with different modes: maps (classic or satellite view), compass and radar (opposite). That means you always know your pet's exact location. If it's hiding in a bush, you can also ring the cat GPS collar to quickly locate it.

Territory Analysis

Find out where your pet spends the most time and the boundaries of its territory. Share it's adventures from the comfort of your home.

You can also view its activity level, the route it takes on its adventures, the distance travelled daily as well as the time spent playing or sleeping. With the Weenect GPS system you finally have the tool to discover the secret life of your cat!

Three Subscription Plans

Choose your plan when you register your tracker on the Weenect website (once it is sent to your home).

Technical specifications Compatibility Apple iOS 13.6 or higher | Android 5 or higher | Web app for all browsers

Battery 550mA/H; up to 3 days autonomy

Size and weight 58x23x10mm; 25g Waterproof IP67 standard, up to 1 metre deep

Connectivity SIM card included in the product (GPRS/2G) | European coverage (excluding Switzerland) | A good network connection (GPRS/2G) is required for optimal use of the tracker

The box contains

  • Weenect GPS Tracker for Cats

  • 1 silicone case

  • 1 USB cable

  • 1 charging base

  • 1 quick start guide