High Fibre Lite

Our High Fibre Lite recipe is packed with all the goodness an adult or senior dog needs to be active and happy!

Made with the perfect balance of ingredients and a deliciously enhanced flavour it provides a complete meal for your adult or senior dog, every day. With added Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin to support joints, added herbs and botanicals to support health and well-being, Taurine and L-Carnitine to aid heart function and Fish oils and Linseed to support brain function – all benefitting the ageing dog. Your dog is sure to love this delicious, wholesome and healthy food.

Sizes and Prices
High Fibre Lite 1.75 £6.95
High Fibre Lite 7kg £21.95
High Fibre Lite 15kg £39.95


Wheat (47.8%), 20.1% Chicken (Chicken meal (16%), Chicken fat (2.1%), Chicken stock (2%)), Maize (14%), Beet pulp (5%), Fish meal (3.8%), Cellulose (2.4%), Linseed (2.4%), Minerals (1.3%) Brewer’s yeast (1%), Fish oil (0.6%), Lucerne (0.1%), Spinach (0.1%), Broccoli (0.1%), Parsley (0.1%), Beetroot (0.05%), Blueberry (0.05%), Pomegranate (0.05%), Oregano (0.05%), Thyme (0.05%), Fennel (0.05%), Glucosamine (0.04%), MSM (0.04%), Yucca schidigera extract (0.025%), Chondroitin sulphate (0.02%), Turmeric (0.01%)

Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

Fact Sheet
  • Honest LabellingFor over 19 years OSCAR have declared our ingredients by name and percentage. It allows you to see exactly what is in your pet food. We believe that only a complete list will do.
  • Healthy Alert BrainFolic acid and Fish oils for Omega 3 (DHA)
  • Lean BodyL-Carnitine helps your dog burn fat not muscle
  • Healthy JointsGlucosamine to support joint health
  • Great TastingBasted in meat juices so your dog will love it
  • Healthy CoatBiotin, Chelated Zinc & Omega 3 for skin, coat & paw pads

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