Customer Testimonials

Georgie's Road to Ideal Weight

Thank you for all your help advice and reassurance regarding Georgie’s new diet.

I am absolutely thrilled by the change in 2 weeks since we started on the high fibre light kibble. Georgie has become noticeably more alert and has more energy. Even her dog walker has commented on it.

Hopefully she will continue to lose weight and get down to her ideal weight.

As promised photo of my fur babies. Georgie is laying down and Archie my handsome boy. This was taken on 25th March this year 2 days after being at the vets for 3 days.

Wishing you continued success, stay safe and a return to normality soon.

Georgie & Archie cared for by our OSCAR Helpline Team

Meet Beau & Copper!

Recently changed the boys food to Oscars. Lesley & Michael provided lots of samples for them to try. Our fussiest boy loved them all. Great variety of flavours. Excellent delivery. Fantastic customer service, always available for any advice you may need. Thank you!

Beau & Copper cared for by Lesley & Michael of OSCAR Pet Foods CO Down

Meet Dudley & Eddie!

Meet Dudley ( 15 years ) and Eddie ( 12 years ) - they are both fed on Oscar Pinnacle + and can both still jump into the boot of the car. In fact the Spaniel has only ever been fed on Oscar dog food and the Beagle since he was a year old, when I rescued him.

Dudley & Eddie cared for by Claire Muir of OSCAR Pet Foods Lymington

Fighting Fit Flyn!

Flyn was 12 yesterday. He's been on Oscar pinnacle for a few years. We mix with your salmon wet food trays as he had bloat last year and has a stomach mass ( likely cancer ) so was recommended a mixed diet to help make digestion easier. He's doing absolutely fantastic for a boy his age and with his health problems

Flyn has been on Oscar since he was about 2 or 3 years old. He has allergies and this has been the only food he's ever tolerated to be honest. Christine has been brilliant over the years when he's had vet food trials to help his allergies. None of those ever worked and we always came straight back to Oscars.

Flynn cared for by Christine and Jayne of OSCAR Pet Foods Westhoughton

"Must be the fantastic food!"

Just wanted to let you know, I took pups for vet checks today and vet commented on how amazing their fur, teeth, eyes and ears were as well as temperament. Must be the fantastic food.

The little boy's future mum wanted to speak to the vet regarding his hernia. She rang me after she'd spoken to the vet to tell me he had actually recommended she buy the pup as it's in such good condition, and said he doesn't usually say that but he was overwhelmed with how good they all were.

Lorna cared for by Janine Hampson of OSCAR Pet Foods Ashton in Makerfield

"Can I just say wow!"

I ordered an antler for my pup this morning expecting it to arrive in a few days. The dogs barked and I went out to find you had delivered it in what 2 hours! One happy puppy

Thank you

Yvonne Baverstock cared for by Blanche & Colin Robinson of OSCAR Pet Foods South Lincolnshire

Bryn is back in shape!

He was fed on the breeder's own puppy food and did well until he was 6 months old. It was then that he started losing weight for no apparent reason’ despite increasing the feed rate. Helen tried another good quality food but that didn’t help. She took him to the vet but they couldn't find a reason for the weight loss. It was then that someone recommended Oscars.

"I was able to have Bryn weighed at local vet this morning, he’s a whopping 18.1kg, (15.4kg mid March) thanks to Oscars! I’m delighted. From mid March I divided his food into 6 to help him gain weight."

Helen Drew cared for by Lesley Lavin of OSCAR Pet Foods Cheadle Hulme

Patient puppies!

Pups waiting for there oscars from our local rep Brian in Stockport mum dad and 2 yorkies on it and the pups love it there nearly ready to go forever homes

Gil Baines current customer of Brian Hulme from OSCAR Stockport

You really get your money's worth!

Great food you really get your money's worth as one bag can last around 3 months !! the representatives of oscar pet food in our area are fantastic, they have huge knowledge about dogs, they can tell you exactly what is their product and organise and what is best suited to you four legged best friend. speaking of friends I no longer see these guys as sales representatives I see them as friends, they are supportive with any of your pets (it doesnt have to be a dog,it can also be a cat etc. however unfortunately they do not deal with crocodile). if your dog has skin rashes they know all about it and advise the best selection of foods to tailor to your pets needs. believe me when I say the food is high quality and when you give it to your dog I guarantee you will continue to use oscar pet food! once you have read this please search on Facebook oscar pet food (Derbyshire) have a look and arrange a visit to discuss your pooch !

Scott O'Gara-Purvey current customer of Louise & David Hilton from OSCAR South Derbyshire

Springer struggles no more!

Struggled for a while getting my Springer to eat tried lots of different dog foods but she didn't like any of them. she's been in oscars now nearly a year and she loves it. so glad I listened to a friend and tried it.

Tamsin Ruth Wright current customer of Chris McGee from OSCAR Pet Foods North Nottinghamshire

All our boys are OSCAR boys

If Oscars made people food, I’d eat nothing else. We wouldn’t give our boys anything else. No scurf, no flatulence, just happy, healthy dogs with good digestion, bright eyes and shiny coats. As I said at the start, if Oscars made people food, I’d eat nothing else. Thank you, Oscar

Alison Grainger current customer of Tom Cartmale from OSCAR Pet Foods Stoke South

Relaxing night with Hemp Dental Sticks

I bought these from Brian our area representative. We tried them on 4 of our dogs a Lurcher, 2 golden doodles and a cockerpoo. We had some positive results from these sticks, the best being the rescue Lurcher who is like a jelly when he hears fireworks. All of the dogs settled down and slept after half an hour of eating the sticks (which they loved) no after effects. I felt that we should share our positive experiences with other pet owners who have pets who are frightened by loud bangs. Please give them a try. They have a calming effect rather than the vet recommended remedies which knock them out. We will use them again when visiting the vet, long car journeys and on New years Eve. Thanks Brian.

Susan Buttrick current customer of Brian Hulme from OSCAR Pet Foods Stockport

Six healthy Springer Spaniels

This is my 4th litter over the last 6 years, my oldest dog Jess has been on OSCAR for all her 9 years, we kept one of her second, this is now Trixie’s second litter. All 26 of puppies have been raised on OSCAR, I wouldn’t use anything else. We used to have Lesley in Cheadle as our local nutritional advisor, until we moved to Sandbach we now have David in Congleton, both have provided and excellent service to me.

Julie Miller current customer of David Bass from OSCAR Pet Foods Congleton

Thank you for making such good quality food

My rescue collie X lab at 15 years old has eaten OSCAR Pet Foods since we got her age 4 and she is praised for her good health from the vet, thank you for making such good quality food we truly believe this is why she is in such great condition Izzy has a super shiny coat too!

Emma Winter

5 year old Flynn

I have a French bulldog who has food allergies and I have tried every food going, Hayley has helped us every step of the way finding out what foods to put him on and now we've found OSCAR food he's now off vet medication and his rashes and sore skin is a thing of the past

Wendy Chambers customer of Hayley Clare OSCAR Pet Foods Cardiff and the Vale.

Thriving on OSCAR

As you can see our Red and White Irish Setters Fionn and Breagha are thriving on OSCAR. We love them to bits, Fionn is almost three and Breagha from the same parents was born on the 5th of August this year. He adores her.

Lee Smith customer of OSCAR Direct.

Lynette Higgins customer testimonial

"An OSCAR Buddy"

“We were all excited about the arrival of our puppy Buddy, an Akita cross retriever. Our two daughters were over the moon as he was our first family dog and we wanted to make sure we gave him a good life and a quality food that suited his breed.

“We really needed some support on how and what to feed and the chance meeting with Lyn Higgins at a show in Bridgnorth came just at the right time. There was no question about her knowledge of pet nutrition and the benefits of OSCAR products – and the excellent service she provides.

“Home delivery was ideal as we both go to work, but more to the point she took us through the finer details of each feeding stage from puppy through to adult. Buddy loves his food, his coat is glowing and he looks a picture of health – as do our two cats, who converted on to the OSCAR dry food without a hitch.

“We are a very happy household with happy and healthy pets – thanks to Lyn and OSCAR Pet Foods.”

David & Karen Bristow Customers of Lyn Higgins OSCAR Pet Foods Shropshire.

Max on beach

"New Tricks"

“Walks with Max were taking longer - our twelve-year-old Retriever was showing all the signs of getting older - and while we accepted the situation a chance meeting with fellow Retriever pet owners referred us to Tom Cartmale and OSCAR pet foods.

“Hedging our bets, we made the call. Having been content with our current food, Tom totally appreciated our predicament. His understanding and knowledge of what and how to feed a dog of Max's age gave us the confidence to proceed.

“There was no pressure. We took time to try a variety of meals because as well as the importance of it being beneficial for his health and fitness, it was essential that Max loved the taste.

“To our delight, we could not believe the change. Max is feeling his age, but now his mobility has been revitalised, and by eating a better quality food it has helped him to shed some weight, much to the relief of his elderly joints.

“And let's not forget the convenience of home delivery and the instant support available to us on any issues. We are grateful to Tom for his dedication and to our friends for the recommendation, which we will pass on to others without hesitation.”

Louise & Tim Butler Customer of Tom Cartmale OSCAR Pet Foods Stoke on Trent.

"Attention to detail"

“I would like to say that Clare Muir really is much more than just her pet food. I have been an OSCAR customer for at least seventeen years, and when my Labrador, Kayla, gave birth to a litter of six Labradoodles Clare was my guiding light. She reassured me of what and how to feed them, right through to the day they all went on to new homes – with a recommendation and an OSCAR puppy pack.

“Clare's patience and reliability, backed up by informative advice, helped me through the process of keeping Kayla fit and healthy, before and after, while looking after her pups.

“Now with time to reflect I recall just how important OSCAR is to me. From the days when I needed some useful tips on how to deal with the stress of fireworks to never leaving me without a food delivery, even if she was away, OSCAR is a special, personal and unique service.

“My appreciation of OSCAR food and the support offered by Clare means a lot and as long as I have a pet I will never change.”

Gill Bennett Customer of Clare Muir OSCAR Pet Foods Lymington.

"Amazing dog food"

My boy's coat has a really nice shine and is so soft, been using for just over 7 years now ?? Dave my local supplier is great too, advice when needed and helped to get the best-suited food for my boy, nothing is too much trouble.

Aimee Hancock, cared for by David and Karen Bass Oscar Pet Foods Congleton.

So pleased that we have found Oscar pet foods

My dog Chico has a sensitive stomach and this has worked wonders! He usually goes off certain foods eventually but not this one. Craig Smith who delivers our food is fantastic. Very quickly delivery and always happy to help! Nice to see someone who knows what they are talking about too. Will not be using anything or anyone else. Thank you!

Lori Brady, Cared for by Craig Smith OSCAR Pet Foods Dundee.

"More than just a customer"

“Jessie, my Cocker Spaniel. came to me with an OSCAR puppy pack, and at the end of the day, she knew what was good for her. In her early puppy stages, she became finicky over her food so I took what I thought was the easy route to try something different.

“With little success, I backtracked to OSCAR and found Rachel Knight, my local OSCAR supplier. She arrived with a selection of food samples to test and, I must say, some very good advice. In fact, Rachel's knowledge of pet nutrition was clear and easy to understand – a great source of help. Her care and attention during the process of changeover were second to none, Jessie is happy and I am happy, she loves her food and her shiny coat speaks volumes.

“I would recommend OSCAR on all levels, and in no particular order: for its convenience of home delivery, personal service, quality food with a complete range of excellent pet products, genuine care for Jessie, and a new friendship.”

Sarah Wild, Cared for by Rachel Knight OSCAR Pet Foods Northamptonshire.

OSCAR – the best!

“Tom Cartmale is our saviour. We had two rescued dogs, each with their own issues. Due to his start in life, Churchill, eleven years old, was a gannet for food; he was overweight and showing signs of joint problems and suffered badly with a blistered skin condition. He would eat anything compared to Teddy, our young and fussy eater.

“The vet prescribed a change of food for Churchill, which made things worse, until that thankful day we met Tom at a local show. We walked on by, and then came back, hesitating as we asked the question, 'Can you help?' The rest, as they say, is history.

“We can describe Tom as brilliant, caring, kind and patient, but as for the food – unbelievable. Tom took the time to go through the benefits and try different foods – not forgetting the treats. He was so thorough and within two weeks we could see an improvement, not only in Churchill's skin and coat condition but also in his mobility … and furthermore it has inspired Teddy's appetite; he loves it.

“Thanks to Tom and OSCAR happiness and contentment prevails in our house, and if I thought it would help me with my mobility I'd be placing another order for me”, says Debra.

Debra and Andrew Blythe – Tom Cartmale Nutritional Advisor - Stoke on Trent

“Where can you find a pet caring service like OSCAR?"

“There is no doubt that the convenience of a reliable pet food home delivery service is a good reason to choose OSCAR, but when you discover what else comes with it there is no turning back.

“I now have two dogs, Ludo and Hetty, but my first meeting with Rachel Knight was for Ludo and his sensitive tummy. Nothing was too much trouble for Rachel when helping me to find a suitable food for his condition; she took time and patience to get it right. Rachel's friendly approach and her knowledge of pet nutrition are unrivalled, and her regular visits and messages to make sure Ludo was making good progress are beyond my words of appreciation.

“Where can you find a pet caring service like OSCAR? Rachel is always there for my dogs and we are there for her too, ready to give her a top-class recommendation.”

Emma Shaw - Cared for by Rachel Knight OSCAR Pet Foods Northamptonshire.

Millie with her Cat starter pack Salem with his Cat starter pack

Double Trouble

Both Millie and Salem love their first taste of OSCAR Pet Foods, especially your Turkey Adult Complete Dry Food they are eating it like there is no tomorrow lol. Turkey is a favourite flavour in this house so it's a BIG HIT! Thanks Oscar Pet Foods.

Mandy Chambers - Cared for by OSCAR Direct

Ruby the husky

Ruby the constant companion

Here is a photo of my darling Ruby she has been my constant companion from the age of 8 weeks she is now 13 she has OSCAR high fibre lite because she now suffers from pancreatitis and as you can see she looks a picture of health and since she has been on OSCAR she has not had any flare ups!

Lindsay Baldaro - Cared for by Sue Watkins OSCAR Pet Foods Glastonbury

Buffy the kibble slayer

Buffy cared for by Peter Wiles

Our local OSCAR adviser Pete Wiles called at our house to meet Buffy ( picture enclosed) and discuss the feeding requirements. He was excellent and gave us lots of useful information and we look forward to ordering Buffy,s food from him when required.

Tina Smith - Cared for by Peter Wiles OSCAR Pet Foods East Yorkshire

Mr Darcy and Hannah with a bag of Oscars

Mr Darcy and Hannah

Mr Darcy and Miss Hannah LOVE receiving their OSCAR chicken and salmon kibble for working dogs. Not only do they love the taste but it keeps them healthy and fit for all those activities the twins love to get up to daily!

Isabella Shores - Cared for by Claire Taylor OSCAR Pet Foods Sale

Bear posing with his bag of Oscars

Couldn't bear eating any other food

Our dog Bear absolutely loves OSCAR dog food. He's very fussy and refused to eat majority of branded dog foods but we have finally found something that he loves and that is also right for him and his weight delivered right to our door. Thanks Pete.

Cameron Yarker - Cared for by Peter Wiles OSCAR Pet Foods East Yorkshire

Teddy with two boxes of Oscar treats

Teddy loves treats!

Teddy absolutely loves his treats from OSCAR. And he loves it when Pete brings them!

Sally Morton - Cared for by Peter Wiles OSCAR Pet Foods East Yorkshire

Jazz and Abby Snoozing

Only the best

I have been using OSCAR to feed my dog and 2 cats for 9 years and in the last 12 months have also bought my rabbit food and supplies from them. My 12 year old collie cross recently had a health check and the vet said he was in great shape for his age. He still regularly manages 12 mile hikes in the hills. I put that down to a great diet and plenty of exercise. We have recently added a puppy to our family and she has taken to the puppy food immediately. I wouldn't consider feeding my pets on anything other than Oscars as only the best is good enough for them.

Claire is always really helpful, interested in them and contacts me at the appropriate time to re-order with prompt deliveries to my door, taking all the hassle out of pet supplies in my busy life. Thank you Claire and OSCAR

Angela Holt - Cared for by Claire Taylor OSCAR Pet Foods Sale

What a beau-tiful dog

beau at the beach

He thrives on OSCAR pet food which we have for a long time now with Storm, JJ and Rowley had great faith in. White Bullies are prone to skin conditions but Beau's coat, skin and general health are excellent.

Mr Webb - Cared for by OSCAR Direct

13 years going on 3 months

Finley the Chocolate Labrador

Having returned from my 6 monthly check up at the vet this morning, the vet commented on the best care we have given to our Labrador was to keep his weight at a healthy range. I can only contribute this to the balanced choice of foods from OSCAR. We have been feeding our much loved, slightly greying chocolate Labrador Finley on OSCAR products all his life. He will be celebrating his 13th birthday on the 21st of June and sometimes in his head he still thinks he is a puppy!

The Wadham family - cared for by OSCAR Pet Foods direct

From rags to riches

Mellissa & Devon

From the start, Devon, my Golden Retriever had been suffering with very poor skin and coat condition. She was constantly itching and scratching, pulling her fur out in clumps. Having changed her food so many times I wish I'd spoken to OSCAR sooner.

With fur missing from her face, Devon looked much older than her five years and my mum's introduction to Tom Cartmale turned our lives around. He could not do enough to help; his nutritional advice and the change to a fish and potato diet has worked wonders. It took a couple of months for Devon's condition to improve but Tom kept in touch with her progress and his patience and dedication has been a great help.

Although Devon will never be totally clear of her lifelong problem she looks much healthier and she is out to impress everyone, including our regular dog groomer.

Tom always goes the extra mile to make sure we never run out of food because he has our best interests at heart. I would go a long way to find another pet food company that offers a personal service that I can trust and where I know I will get an honest answer.

Mellissa Kelly & Devon -cared for by Tom Cartmale Oscar Pet Foods Stoke on Trent

Thoroughly recommended

Bella the dog

My Golden Retriever, Bella suffered with itchy skin. Until I met Lyn at Ludlow Market, Lyn recommended Oscar Adult care Chicken and Rice, gluten free. After finishing mixing Oscars with food Bella was on, the itching has stopped. So pleased as I didn't think changing Bella's food would make such a difference. Thoroughly recommend Oscars!

Jean Mellings - cared for by Lynette Higgins, Oscar Pet Foods Bridgnorth

Thank You

Cally and Rosette

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to Oscars thanking them for ALL the lovely food you have supplied to our precious rescue Labrador CALLY for the last nine years. CALLY sadly had a tumour on her aorta and kidney which was diagnosed in September 2016. We had her put to sleep peacefully on 23rd December, and are totally devastated. She was one amazing special dog.

She has NEVER been ill in her life, since we got her, even though she was skin and bone when we collected her as a rescue in 2007. From the day she arrived she has been on OSCARS food, and has thrived. We have never deviated from her meals, we even took her Oscars food to kennels if she went. She had OSCARS twice a day usually with a teaspoon of fat free cottage cheese or plain yoghurt, and only had OSCARS treats. We can honestly say never had one tummy upset or anything- only when the tumour appeared was she sick and then only a handful of times until we had her put to sleep.

She was on some Oscars right until her last week of life. Lesley Lavin our Oscars rep has been amazing been at the end of a phone always, and given great advice at all times. She has never missed a delivery either, and often come especially to deliver, if we ran out of food unexpectedly. I have sent numerous people to her over the years, and they are all delighted too. When everyone today takes the first opportunity to criticise, I wanted to let you know how delighted I have been with your company, and to thank you for giving my rescue dog a healthy life. Cally came second in the Older Dog category.! She was 7 years of age at the time. I know in the event we get another dog in the future we will use OSCARS again.

You have a great company – thank you

Caroline Munro - cared for by Lesley Lavin, Oscar Pet Foods Cheadle Hulme

Fable's Story


About 3 years ago the dog of my life, Fable, became ill with a virus. She became so ill and so thin that it was cruel to keep her alive, but at this point we reached a breakthrough and she was diagnosed with a very rare condition with only 23 documented cases in the world. My vet was amazing, skyping another vet in California who had successfully treated dogs with this condition. We had drugs fedExed from Europe and she started to get better. I couldn't be happier.

All the treatment though, left Fable with a VERY sensitive digestive system. I have tried many different dog foods, but really struggled to find something that helps her digestion and that she will eat, Whippets are very fussy eaters!!! Whilst at Badminton horse trials I walked into the Oscar Pet Foods stand and, after chatting to you about her condition, brought a sample of the Chicken and Potato complete food. I gently introduced this into her normal feed........and she LOVED it. She's now been on this food for about 2 years and the difference is amazing. She's gained weight (may even be a bit portly for a whippet) and her coat is beautifully shiny. She can still get a colitis flare up, but they are nowhere near as bad as they have been in the past, and can easily be managed.

I can't thank you enough Oscar Pet Foods, for giving me back my beautiful girl.

Lynette Miller - cared for by Jill & Steve Tubbs, Oscar Pet Foods Wilts-Gloucs

Richard's OSCAR fed family

Richard's OSCAR fed family

I have 3 very happy animals (2 cats & 1 dog) all oscar fed. Both cats love the Scottish Salmon & Chicken & Pickle the dog is quick to demolish her bowl every morning and evening. All my animals have lovely shiney coats, & plenty of energy which I attribute to Oscars (you are what you eat!).

"Richard is very knowledgable and is always happy to deliver quickly" - Mrs T Fry

Richard Hebden - Oscar Pet Foods Flintshire

Happy as Larry

Larry with OSCAR Sensitive

Meet Larry, with his first big bag of Oscar. Poor Larry had really bad flatulence, "It was cured within 3 days of being on Oscar Grain Free Sensitive. His coat is much better now too! Thanks Oscar!"

Carol Crow - cared for by Jim Kelly, OSCAR Pet Foods Bedale (via email)

Holly the Collie

Holly the Collie

"Just a quick note to say a public thanks to Richard Hebden of Oscar Pet Foods Flintshire, our local rep. Very knowledgeable chap (not just about pet nutrition), speaking a lot of sense, didn't try to convince us, merely presented us with the facts. So we have put Holly, 11 years old, on Pinnacle+ and already after 2/3 weeks her coat is looking shinier, she has more energy and her poo is more solid, plus she's looking forward to meal times. We'll be back for more! Thanks"

Jack and Martha Taylor, cared for by Richard Hebden

Well Done Lawrence

Monty Honey and Billy

"Good afternoon to you. I would just like to pass on to you our thoughts of your sales representative Lawrence Slade. He came to Kennington Ashford (to visit Monty, Honey and Billy) to promote your pet food just now & found all of his knowledge & advice very interesting & helpful. He never at any point pressured us or forced your products on us & eventually stayed just short of an hour & half in total."

"Please be aware that we think that Lawrence is an excellent salesman for your products & we'll be hopefully purchasing your products in the near future & probably our friends to. Well done Lawrence. Potential future customers."

Dave Warren & Helen Mummery, cared for by Lawrence Slade

A Thank You from Storm

Storm with Nigel Nigel Webb, cared for by OscarDirect

"Hi to all at Oscars. In the very early hours of 5th September we sadly had to say goodbye to Storm. We miss her tremendously she was such an affectionate dog who loved to press her face to face with us. She was 14 plus when she passed and we are sure her longevity and general good health is testament to Oscars dog food."

"Thank you for all your help and great service, I have attached a couple of pics taken recently while in Scotland, she really enjoyed a week on the West coast and even had fun with 4 other dogs on the beach one sunny afternoon at Glenelg. Thank you"

Storm in Scotland

Hattie's Impressed


"Just to say a sincere thank you so much for your customer care and speedy delivery- delighted to receive our first order this morning before 8am- only ordered yesterday!"

Gay Scoggins (via email), cared for by OscarDirect

OSCAR is Ambrosia for Zeus


"Zeus was a sickly dog and couldn't put weight on. After trying various brands of dog food and trips to the vets we needed a solution. At the time Zeus was lacking in energy and regularly had a bad tummy. A friend recommended Oscars and though I was sceptical would have given anything a go at this point. All I can say is that I wished we had known about Oscars earlier. Sarah was excellent. She advised us on how best to introduce his new diet which included meals and treats. After one month the difference was astounding!"


"Zeus has since gone from strength to strength. He has buckets of energy and no longer suffers from tummy problems. His coat is bright and eyes shiny. I would tell everyone to use Oscars and can't thank Sarah enough. She was the lady from Oscars who gave me all the advice and support needed to get our puppy in excellent health. Throughout Sarah has kept in regular contact providing advice and guidance. Without Oscars foods I am not sure we would have a puppy at all let alone a healthy one."

Michelle Agar (via email), cared for by Sara Burgess

Bonnie Can't Resist OSCAR Treats


"I am seriously impressed with your service - I only placed my order on Monday and the next day it was delivered by your most charming local franchisee in a clean smart van with Oscars logo."

"The order is in excellent resealable tubs and my dog is well taken with the quality of the products so thank you and very well done - I will for certain be back. Here is Bonnie doing her best (and ultimately failing) to resist her Fish Skins.  I was a bit sceptical at first but these are the treats she absolutely adores and can't stay "on trust" for very long before temptation has it's way."

Nick Santon cared for by Stuart and Christine Dickens (via email)

Pippa from Paphiakos


"My friend Helen, a volunteer at Paphiakos Sanctuary just happened to be in Cyprus at the right time!  She knew that we had recently lost our beloved German Shepherd Molly who had left a big hole in our lives ... we were carefully considering our options here in the UK until Helen sent me this photo of Pippa - (see skinny Pippa).  Those eyes say it all.. we had to help her."

"Pippa is a hunting hound. The hunting season in Cyprus is tough and had come to an end, Pippa's job had been done and wasn't needed. We think Pippa was driven to the remote hillsides and tossed out of the back of a van. When she was found she was covered in hundreds of ticks and fleas, riddled with fleas and had a nasty head wound. Its likely Pippa had spent months tied to a tree in the blistering heat as tests showed a positive diagnosis for Leishmaniasis (A manageable but incurable condition caused by sandfly bites.. she probably got these when she was tied up,  in turn this affects her immune system amongst other things.)"

"The Sanctuary at Paphiakos make it their purpose to drive around and rescue dogs like Pippa to offer a safe haven, medication and if they are very lucky a loving home. Sadly, when Pippa arrived they didn't hold out much hope for her to survive. Pippa had never been offered dog food before.. the hunting hounds in cyprus survive on scraps that they steal which are thrown out by the hotels so I was concerned about how her digestive system would react.  After a long chat with Rachel at Oscars she recommended we begin to feed Pippa on some puppy food as its high in calories and very easy to digest. "

"Within a week she started to fill out and now, 8 months later, she is enjoying her food so much we have to buy the diet version!!   She was one of the lucky ones, and pulled through against all the odds - thank you Oscars! "

Abi Purser cared for by Rachel Jackson (via email)

New Lease of Life for Susie


"Susie, our seven-and-a-half year-old Collie, was born with congenital problems. With hip dysplasia and the runt of the litter, she had no future until we came along."

"Having lost our old dog the empty space was filled by Susie, and we agreed to nurture her through each day in the hope that we could at least give her some quality of life, however short it may be. We had prepared for four years but to reach seven gave us confidence in how she was managing her condition, when suddenly she collapsed. We were very distressed, and went through weeks of painkillers, injections and a thorough veterinary scan, which confirmed that her hip problem was taking its toll."

"Six months on, her spirit has been rekindled since a chance meeting with Tom Cart male and an introduction to OSCAR Pet Foods. Susie's deterioration was drastic and though we had previously been feeding her wet food, a change of diet to OSCAR Pinnacle +, which contained all the right ingredients formulated in a dry food designed to target joint problems and suit older dogs, has resulted in seeing Susie back to her normal very popular self. "

"We are over the moon. She is able to run to greet her friends, jump onto the sofa; the transformation is amazing and we are just thankful. Of course we wish we could have found OSCAR sooner – would we have saved her months of anxiety? Nevertheless, it was meant to be and we are delighted to share our experience by talking about how Susie has been given a new lease of life because of meeting Tom Cart male and discovering the benefits of OSCAR. "

John and Ann Ikins – Stoke on Trent, cared for by Tom Cartmale (via email)

All About The Bass

Diane at Crufts

Diane's Dogs

"I’ve been feeding Oscar Working Dog for the past 8 years. My present dogs, 3 German Shepherds and 2 Border Collies all share my passion for running. We take part in Canix events (cross country running with dogs) and in 2009 Megan, my Border Collie ran at Crufts, securing us 3rd place in my age group. Running flat out for a mile round the lake at the NEC was tough but so worth it when we received our prize in the main arena. That memory will stay with me forever! Following my recent hip replacement I’m building up my training for a canicross event in a few weeks, again with Megan."

"I absolutely adore dogs so when I was asked to judge one of OSCAR fun dog shows I was delighted to accept. Dave Bass and his team organised the show near Congleton, Cheshire and it was a fantastic success. What could be better than spending a lovely day meeting lots of gorgeous dogs and their proud owners?"

Dianne Lapworth cared for by David Bass (via email)

Praise for Emma


"I would like to send some praises to Emma and Carl Shepherd. I was sceptical about Oscars food but they were fab answered all my questions in a non pushy sale. They came to the house and tested Buster with the food and rung after a week to check on his poo! Since then I have never looked back. Emma and Carl have always had time and patience aswel as going the extra mile for us."

"I really wouldnt get Buster's food off anyone else and can't sing their praises enough."

Casey and Lee Broadhurst cared for by Emma Shepherd (via email)

Thanks Tom


"I would to extend my sincere thanks to Tom, for many happy years of supplying Henry with his tea, sadly, in January, we had to put Henry to sleep after a short illness, but at 17 years old, he had a very happy life. Thanks Tom xx"

Vicky Derricutt cared for by Tom Cartmale (via website)

Pinnacle of Life for Fred

"For many years we have been feeding Fred with your excellent Pinnacle of life, Chicken and Fish, complete adult dog food. This has been supplied, together with a few treats, by John Marks (Esher, Surrey) who has provided an outstanding service at all times. Unfortunately, due to Liver problems, in the dogs 13th year it has been necessary to change to a prescription diet and medication for the last few months of his life. I believe you to have a first class range of food for dogs, and an even better agent in John Marks."

Nigel Babbage cared for by John Marks(via email)

Thanks OSCAR From Oscar

"Just to say thanks for the speedy order Oscars Oscar food arrived the very next day after putting in my order and he got off the sofa especially to greet the delivery driver (well apparently he was starving as spaniels always are lol)! Thanks again guys sterling service"

All the best from Jaqi and Oscar cared for by OscarDirect (via email)

Thank You Sara

"I would just like to tell you that I Changed to your products for my dog and cat last year. My dogs health has improved (Dexter), he has gained weight and his skin is clean, his coat is shiny. My cat has gained weight and is healthy and her litter of kittens too (Poppy & Brunell pictured). I can not praise Sara Burgess enough for her help and general lovely attitude."

Lisa Peart, from Darlington, cared for by Sara Burgess (via Email)

Fabulous Service!

"Thank you so much for your fabulous customer service. I ordered fishy treats and the air dried venison bones online, the fishy treats arrived safely, but sadly the plastic container for the bones was broken. I emailed your customer service just to advise them, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a telephone call offering to refund or replace the bones! The replacements arrived safely and are being thoroughly enjoyed by Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Raasay & Tommy."

"I am so pleased with your customer service and will be recommending you to my friends. By the way, they love the fish treats, and it's brilliant that they are produced in England, we prefer to support UK industry as much as possible"

Mrs Nicki Hughes, from Sutherland, cared for by OscarDirect (via Facebook)

OSCAR is FanTAZtic

"Dear Oscars, I phoned yesterday as Taz has a problem with his gut and I was going to go and get a small bag of food and try Taz on it  but I was told that you would not only change the type of feed but you would send it out to me which I appreciate so  much as you supply this free to operational (SARDA) dogs which is a big cost to Oscar’s plus its couriered to me."

"I can’t thank you enough  as the bag arrived this afternoon.  Sadly I think there’s more to it as there was spots of blood in his feces tonight so off to the vets in the morning. Again thank you so much for your support and help not just for yesterday but for the past few years and that’s to ALL the staff at Oscars."

Brian & Taz, SARDA Handler, Suffolk, Cared for by OscarDirect (via email)

Memories of Megan

"Dear Tom, I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for Megan. You were very special to Megan - however I was glad when she stopped piddling on your shoes!! Your care and quality foods kept her so well all her long and happy life. 12years 7months, not bad. You're a friend indeed."

"We never thought we would be so lucky in our choice of dog. Megan was intelligent, beautiful, loyal, gentle and patient (especially when taking photos). She was the reason I was out there so often getting the shots. What a wonderful companion!"

"Maybe one day there will be another pooch running about the house causing mayhem. We'll see . . . A big thank you from Megan xx"

Best wishes, Noel, Chrissie & Megan, Stone, Staffordshire cared for by Tom Cartmale, Stoke (via email)

Rusty Proof

"Rusty just loves the new improved Adult Care Complete Turkey from OSCAR. It's great for his joints and caters to his vain side - he's on the front bag!"

Paul, Vicky and Alex from Pontefract, cared for by OscarDirect (via email)

Lip Licking Good

"Just thought I would let you know how Krombie is getting on with the Oscars dry food. He loves it !!! both the chicken and the fish, I did what you suggested and some times I add less than a teaspoon of natural bio yogurt and as soon as he hears me stirring it in with the kibble he waits by he eating area and really enjoys it. Licks his lips!!"

"I am absolutely thrilled and thank you very much for all the advice you gave me. I will get in touch with you again as soon as I need more."

Bye for now, Diane Henry, cared for by Claire Taylor, Nutritional Advisor in Manchester (via email)

A Lottie Better

"Dear Sir/Madam, I have never felt the need to send one of these emails but the change in my dog since switching to your brand of dog food has been wonderful. She (Lottie) is much more calm, eats all her food, and her coat is the best its ever been."

"Well done, and please keep up the high standard of food you provide!"

Many thanks, Ian Clegg, Burnley (via email)

Spread The Word!

"Just wanted to say thanks very much to Mark [Cragg] who came round to offer support with my Springer, Hector."

"It was much appreciated and I'll happily spread the word about you guys as it's a nice touch offering the nutritional advice.

Catherine Hewitt (Via Email), cared for by Mark Cragg our Nutritional Advisor in West Sussex

Food Winner Won Over

"I won the local competition back in April for 6 months free pet food, which has been supplied by my local rep Clive Newton. I would like to comment on how helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable he has been. My dog has not been the easiest to feed as she has health complications and I appreciate Clive's understanding."

"Many thanks for the food I received and the excellent service provided. I trust you will pass on my congratulations to Clive.

Regards, Pamela Bray (Via Web Contact Page)

Short but Sweet

"Oscars will never lose our custom, we love our dogs too much. Knowing we get the best quality food and dietary needs for our dogs is peace of mind. Thanks"

Angie, via email, cared for by Tom Cartmale, Stoke-on-Trent

OSCAR Food is Working for Lexi

"This is Lexi, she's a two and a half year old working cocker, she has boundless energy, and is eager to please a happy and loving companion. She has Oscars working dog, she loves it, and her coat is amazing! Thank you Oscar Pet Foods"

Jayne Mclaren Mansell, via Facebook

Other Vacuum Cleaners are Available

"I accidentally dropped a bag of food when carrying it down to the cellar and had to laugh when Monty appeared out of nowhere and started hoovering it up!"

Andrew Watson, via Facebook

More Babies

"Two more OSCAR baby's. Many thanks to my local rep Steph for all her help and advice x"

Topo Andalso Kirsty, via Facebook, cared for by Stephanie Wilkinson, Local Nutritional Advisor

Highly Recommended

"Having run out of Oscars until next week, the differences I have noticed with Tara Mccabe indicates that Oscars is superior to her other foods and it does what it says it does. I highly recommend 'OSCARS'."

Elaine McCabe, via Facebook

(We've made sure that Elaine NEVER runs out of OSCAR food for Tara again....)

Ravenous Cavajacks

"This is our litter of Cavajacks (image below) eating one of their 1st solid meals of Oscars (made into a mush obviously). They are 5 months old now & still enjoying Oscars & have grown into very healthy, happy, naughty little pups. Thank you for giving them the best start in life x"

Maria Purcell, via Facebook

Short But Sweet

"Benson is becoming an Oscar addict"

Tony Gramps Papps, via Facebook

Much More Than Pet Food for Charlie

"I have much to be very thankful for finding Oscar 'much more than pet food' to quote what is on an Oscar brochure. My Giant Schnauzer, Charlie, 18 months, has had tummy problems and diarrhea since he was a puppy. I tried everything and nothing suited him (he would eat anything, but nothing agreed with his tummy)."

"When I first talked to Sarah on the phone, I was very happy that someone listened to the problems we were having, and also gave me assurance that they could help with the situation. They kindly sent me a free food sample and that seemed to fit well with Charlie. Now he is on the Oscar food (nothing else), his tummy is fine now, his coat glossy and he is not so hyperactive and doesn't scratch his coat as much. Oscar produces chew sticks, which Charlie loves, and also charcoal biscuits. What can be better? And no bad tummy!"

"Thank all of you at Oscar: I thought it would never happen. I would recommend Oscars to anyone who needs to give their pets good food and help when they need it."

Kind regards Roz, via email

Pinnacle for Ruby and Belle

"From when we first brough Belle home she had skin problems. She was chewing her paws and legs. She had gone from constantly being on antibiotics to then going onto steroids and her poor legs were bandaged all the time. Six weekly doses of antibiotics on occasions but she still wasn't healing very well."

"Both our dogs Belle and Ruby have also suffered from arthritis too. Mobility had slowed that much for both of the dogs that Mrs Hurd had to drive them to the park for a walk, as often; by the time they got there (if they walked there) they were limping before their walk began."

"A friend recommended Oscar and Claire Taylor (Local Nutritional Advisor in North Manchester) changed their diet (to OSCAR Pinnacle+) and in 2 or 3 weeks they were running around the park and no longer limping."

"Belle's skin condition healed immediately. Up until 8 years of age she had been on medication that never helped, and Oscar in a matter of weeks worked. Belle had arthritis in 3 of her legs; and now she runs round like a pup again. She can't sing Oscars praises enough to people she meets. They are both doing really well; fantastic."

"Oscar gets delivered to the door and we buy treats too. The difference not having to go to the supermarket is really handy. Claire offers great service."

Brian and Geraldine Hurd, Manchester via email

(Belle is a 10yo Petit Griffon Basset and Ruby is an 11yo Fauve Basset)

New Year Praise

"Brian is always really helpful, full of advice and super flexible with deliveries. He also clearly loves dogs, Hugo is always really pleased to see him arrive."

Ms Iceton, Stockport, cared for by our Nutritional Advisor Brian Hulme

More Please for Max

"Can you please send me a bag of the usual? Max is a large collie cross and is probably nearer a German shepherd’s size, I’ve attached a photo of him with Star, a Border collie for your reference. Due to the amount of exercise and work he does, I seem to be running out of food sooner than expected. He is maintaining a healthy weight on a third more of the food per day than recommended by yourselves and this is probably down to his actual size not being taken into consideration initially."

"He’s doing really well on the food though and his coat is in great condition with a lovely glossy shine."

"Thank you for your continued support of SARDA dogs."

Best regards, Andy Dunn, SARDA Handler, via email

Oscar feed all graded SARDA dogs for free. We support SARDA in this way to ensure that their dogs are fit and active; providing life saving support to walkers in the wild as well as lost souls in towns and cities.

'Lick' the Bucket

"Dear Oscars, Thank you for my OSCAR storage bucket. As you can see Taz likes his food fresh."

Brian Gregory & Taz, NSARDA Handler from Anglia

ps. don't try this at home (not a serving suggestion...)

More Facebook Praise

Christine: "This is Lily (Canfordborne Beatrice Lily) - who's been on Oscars all her life! She'll be 10 on the 12th November. Poppy came to us as a 5 month old puppy! She's been on Oscars since day one! Diane commented: "Lily is one of a litter of 7, all weaned onto Oscars and all of them, except one, are still fed Oscars."

Christine: "These two really tell the Oscars story. Lottie on the right, was eventually PTS (having been fit and well up to the week before) at the great old age of 15 and 3 months. Her litter bro - on the left, made it to 15 and 1 month! Both fed on Oscars for at least 10 years. Diane Latham will tell you exactly how long!" Diane comments: "Probably at least 12 years of their lives. Olaf had problems with his digestive system until we found Oscars!"

Christine Liggins and Diane Latham, via our Facebook page

SeaFlex Stars

"Ben & Sam were very excited to receive their Seaflex prize yesterday and we are so proud of their photo on the packaging! I have taken photos of them with their prize in the kitchen, in the lounge and in the garden! Thanks again to all at Oscars for choosing my boys as winners of the competition!*"

Karen Dufton, via our Facebook page

*Karen and her beautiful Labs entered our Facebook competition to be the stars of our redesigned SeaFlex packaging.


"Frankie enjoying the beach-she has lots of energy thanks to Oscars food. Thanks Jill and Steve!"

from Gloucestershire, via our Facebook page (cared for by Jill and Steve Tubbs, South West)

Pennies Per Day

"I've just worked out that it costs me £.63p a day to feed each of my girls their top top dog food. (Ultracare Pinnacle +)

People always comment on how shiny their coats are! They are bouncing with health - I wouldn't feed them anything else!"

Christine Liggins, via Facebook

Special Delivery

Many thanks to Steve & Anne-Marie who kindly sent us a photo of their new born two week old son Benjamin. Congratulations!

It's also nice to see our very own special delivery in the background of the picture....


from Congleton, via email to David Bass

Shiny Pug

"My Pug has been on the ultracare chicken and rice since a very early age and he will be 3 next April and absolutely loves the taste and really enjoys his meal times, his coat is a deep shiny black finish it makes his coat really stand out. Keep up the great work your customer service is second to none! Well done."

David Perry, via Facebook

OSCAR Settles Stomach

"We tried many different foods for our Golden Retriever before receiving a free sample of Oscars at a dog show in Urmston. Monty loved it and it settled his stomach immediately. Now we have some delivered every month. Friendly, personal service from Claire and we wouldn't swap it for anything. Thanks."

Andrew Watson, via Facebook (Cared for by Claire Taylor our Nutritional Advisor in North Manchester)

Healthy Growth Puppies

"These were the last two puppies from our fox red Labrador litter. Our bitch is normally fed on Maize, Chicken and Rice (Advanced Range) and went onto the Oscar puppy food (Ultracare, Healthy Growth) before whelping, and the pups were weaned onto this, and in this photo had moved onto Junior Growth.

How do you think they're looking? We think fabulous!"

The Animal Crackers Team, Moretonhampstead, via Facebook

Golden Sunday.... thanks to OSCAR


Our Golden Retriever, Sunday had a very poorly tummy every 6 weeks or so and bad skin too. We went to the vets on several occasions and were prescribed medication/shampoo but none of it really helped. Then we met Steve & Jill (Tubbs, Nutritional Advisors from Gloucestershire) at a local show, had a chat and they recommended a food from OSCAR.

We've been feeding it for 3 years now. Very quickly after we changed to OSCAR food it worked; cleared up Sunday's skin and tummy. We now tell everyone about OSCAR. It's made a world of difference to Sunday, made him much happier - no longer looks for water to lie in to cool his skin down. It's also brilliant that it 'just arrives'.... We don't have to collect. Everyone should use OSCAR! Sunday's skin has cleared up completely, it's been amazing really..."

Paul & Samantha McEwan, Poulton

Vet Gives OSCAR a Fine Bill of Health

"Dear Tom

Had Katie at the Vets last week for her annual check-up, booster etc. The Vet was very complimentary, thought she was looking very well. Specifically mentioned her bones and teeth. Thought you should know. Well done OSCAR."

Mrs J.C. (Staffs), via greetings card

Jethro is a Winner on OSCAR

"I just want to say thankyou, I have a Giant Shcnauzer named Jethro and have been having your dog food for about two years. We entered him into a companion fun dog show and he won first prize in the class of (dog in best condition). He also won another 3 classes which were 6th in obedience on lead 4th in most handsome dog and 2nd in obedience off the lead. I was telling everyone what he is fed on, so cheers to OSCARS DOG FOOD."

Julie Ball, Stoke-On-Trent, via email

Well done Sara

""Hi there, I would just like to take the time out to say that OSCARS dog food has been a hit with my two dogs and cat! Sara (Burgess) from Darlington has been so helpful; goes out of her way to help customers she will be an asset to your company."

Many thanks Mrs Dore", cared for by Sara Burgess, sent via email

Max is more 'Min' Thanks to OSCAR

"Dear All at Oscars, Just returned from the vets and for the first time since he was 2 Max has now lost 3.5 kilo, he is down to a super slim 41.5 kilo. The vet and myself were very pleased... with him and its all thanks to a lot of perseverance and of course Oscar's Pinnacle Plus diet."

Once again many thanks, Carol, via email

Tubbs Of Thanks

"I would just like to say that the service I get from Steve & Jill Tubbs (Nutritional Advisors in SW England) is fantastic & my dog Gypsy loves your chicken flavour so much!" (ultracare; chicken and rice)

Mrs Di Turtle, Wiltshire (sent via our 'Contact Us' Page)

Praise from Sky

"Thankyou so much to everyone at Oscars for your advice and your excellent customer service. I have sent you a picture of Sky and my husband with our new pup Gaffa whom we pick up on jan8th. Merry Christmas to you all."

Thanks again. Mrs Tracey Moseley, cared for by OscarDirect, via email

'Taylor' Made Service

"Oscars, or more specifically, Claire Taylor (Local Nutritional Advisor, Manchester) representing Oscars, has been a godsend to me. As an animal lover, I probably have what some would consider to be too many pets. I am a sucker for an animal that needs a home! With a full time job and a household to run, it was difficult to manage shopping for the animals as well as all the other stuff and many is an occasion I would be running out to a well known brand of pet shop at the last minute to get food, hay etc etc. Claire and Oscars have changed that for me. No matter how late or strange the request, Claire has always delivered. Thanks to her, I am now also able to look after the wildlife in my garden as well as the pets!"

Beth Roe, Sale, Cheshire

OscarDirect Swift Service

"Just a thank you to Elaine (our OscarDirect Team Manager) for getting the food to me so quickly, as I was just out of hospital. Absolutely fantastic customer service, you are all a credit to the company. Happy Christmas to you all."
Mrs Cuthbert, Norwich, via email

Helpline Gets Rocky Fighting Fit

"Thought I'd share a pic of Rocky who has now really settled on his OSCAR food. As you can see he has grown rapidly since the last pic I posted. Merry Christmas to you all at OSCAR!"

Kirstie Hellings (via our Facebook Page)

(Kirstie contacted our Free Helpline because Rocky was playing a little rough with Ruby's [Cavalier KC] toys and not sharing nicely...)

If you have a similar issue please get in touch; our experts are here to help and advise!

More Praise on Facebook

"I have been using OSCARS for many years now. Kim [Stanier] (Nutritional Advisor, Birmingham) knocked on my door when my Suzie was 8 months old she wasn't well. She had all sorts of allergies which she was on medication for. She was losing her fur. Kim came round, played a food game with Sue and I bought the chicken and rice food."

"Suzies fur started to grow back without the medication, I would like to say!! So therefore it was the food Iwas previously feeding her that caused the fur loss. Suzie passed away 01/08/2011 at the age of 14. I still use OSCAR for our remaining dog Daisy; so I thank you Kim & Mick for your support, care and continuing service. :) "

Sharon Hastings, Birmingham (via our Facebook Page)

Tom Goes Beyond the Call Of Duty

"I want to thank Tom (Cartmele, Nutritional Advior, Stoke) for his great service whilst Chester was with us. My daughter recently got a new puppy and chose a different food to Oscar and ended up with rashes on his belly. After some very expensive trips to the vets it was eventually suggested it could be an allergy and we immediately thought of ringing Tom. At 9:30 in the evening he took her call and spent 30 mins on the phone advising me. I just wanted to thank him, for all his time and efforts."

"His service is fantastic! He really goes beyond the call of duty; he really knows his job and has a brilliant and vast knowledge about nutrition."

Mrs Walker, Stoke on Trent

Happy Oscar Prize Winners

"Dear Sir / Madam, I recently won 6 months supply of Oscars dog food in a competition. Your representative, Gordon, has been in touch and we have decided on Advanced 'Pinnacle of Life' as my three sheep-dogs are 6yrs, 8rys and 151/2. They have been on Oscar's for over two weeks now and are enjoying it."

"Thank you for my prize and I have enclosed photo's of my three happy Collies (scanned images)."

Regards Maralyn Lacy, York

The Hills Are Alive!... Thanks to Oscar

"Ever since we put Zack Rogers onto Oscar food he has become a lot stronger and has far more stamina than he ever did before. And I thought he used to be irritating, he is much more so now. His mountain stamina has increased massively too (see photo of recent mountaineering trip to Scotland)."

"Discovered Oscar through your sponsorship of SARDA. Keep up the good work. "

Andy Keen (from our Facebook page)

Oscar Rescue Heidi!

"I thought you would like to know  how well my young one year old rescue dog is doing on Oscars food.  In June she came over from Ireland with an organisation that rescues young dogs to find her forever home over here."

"She had been abandoned and very badly abused and starved and although she had spent a month in a foster home in Ireland still looked like a skeleton with a coat thrown over it. On collecting her I straight away put her on Oscars puppy food for a couple of weeks and then onto Oscars Junior food which she is still on , and in the four months it is incredible how she has developed, put on weight and is gaining confidence every day, so much so that last month I entered her for the best rescue dog and she won first prize."

"Thank you Oscars, I have been using your product for many years and I cannot recommend it highly enough for both young and older dogs, my 11 year old labrador is still looking the picture of health on your Pinnacle Plus.  I am attaching a photo of Heidi taken a month ago."

Mrs Valerie Mackintosh, Cambridge (cared for by OscarDirect)

Praise for OscarDirect Mail Order Team

"I'm more than happy to tell anybody who will listen how good the food and the service is from Oscars. I don't know about you all but I get so fed up with hearing how bad some companies treat people, it's a genuine pleasure to be treated well."

"I would also like to say that my dog Tasha, a lovely Heinz 57 mixed breed who, when we first got her had a very dodgy tummy, has been on Oscars Ultracare for most of her life now (she's 8 and a half), and I wouldn't swap her to anything else. She loves the food and always has a lovely glossy coat and shiny bright eyes. "

"The staff who ring me to take my order are always really helpful, and these days it's rare to find companies who actually care about their customers, but Oscars definately do! I can't praise them or their foods highly enough - keep up the good work!"

Mrs Cooke, Kettering (cared for by OscarDirect)

Thanks OSCAR Berkshire

Thanks again for the great service - I attribute much of Milly's health to the excellent food that is Oscars, thats for sure and very glad the kids signed us up at a stall for a 'visit' when she was young when they bought her a toy !!!Kind Regards Jane Harris , Berkshire (cared for by Phil and Paula Ray Wokingham, Berkshire

Helpline is so Helpful

"I would like to pass many thanks onto Rachael for helping me with a problem my dog had. I am so pleased with her advice and I will recommend Oscar Pet Foods and the free helpline service to all my friends who have pets. I'm over the moon!"
Mr Till, Staffordshire (cared for by Jenny and Andrew Little Staffordshire)

More precision+ Praise

"My older dog has had major problems with bloating and very bad diarrhoea. This food [precision+] has caused her no problems after trying so many ways of feeding her. At long last she is maintaining weight and seems so much more comfortable. Thank you and Claire for this."
Susan Heyes, Manchester (Cared for by Claire Taylor, Local Nutritional Advisor, Manchester)

12 years with OSCAR

"I've fed Oscars for about 12 years now but a few years ago due to financial difficulties I decided to change to a cheaper brand & noticed a difference in my dogs immediately. I lost my oldest dog Sam after a very short illness & almost a year to the day I lost his partner in crime Ella again after a short illness. She had ultrasound which revealed a massive tumour on her spleen which had attached to her bowel."

"I read an article about the truth behind the labels on our dog food & was shocked & disgusted at what is actually in some food but because of clever wording we would never know. I immediately changed back to Oscars."

"I now have a white Staffie who I rescued when he was 2. He was a bag of bones when I got him & had cuts all over him & was generally nervous. He was 4 yesterday & is a handsome big boy now. What a difference some TLC & decent food can make. Lets face it they don't ask for more than that but give us so much more back x".
Maria Purcell from our FACEBOOK page

SARDA Supported and Fed By OSCARS

"Dear Oscars, Bracken is a 7 year old male border collie; he is a fully graded Search & Rescue dog for SARDA England he works very hard when out searching or training in the mountains. We have tried many dog food brands over past 7 years, he used to be such a fussy eater his joints were very stiff on an evening and he could never hold any weight.

Since we started feeding Bracken on Oscars 12 months ago, his joints are more supple and he licks his bowl clean after every meal. He holds a steady weight he has lots more energy and his coat has never been better, full of shine and softness.

Your sales representative is very knowledgeable and supportive he provides an excellent service. I have even begun to feed my new puppy on OSCARS as I am so impressed at the quality of your dog food.

I can honestly say that OSCAR Pet food has to be one of the best dog foods on the market, thank you for sponsoring Bracken over the past 12 months".
Lee Ferry, Search and Rescue Dogs Association England (SARDA), Stanley, Co Durham.

Taste the Difference

I wish I'd known about Oscar years ago - I really can't believe the difference!
Anna Harding, Cumbria.


"I'm looked after by David Bass (Nutritional Advisor) from Congleton and as one of his customers, I have a winning dog from last years Crufts. Megan, my Border Collie, ran with me in the Canix event - gaining us third place in my age group (over 50's). This event was a mile run from the main arena, round the lake at the NEC and finishing at the "beach" by the lake. Megan and I completed the run in 7 minutes 21 seconds. Megan has been reared on Oscar dog food and at the time of the event, she was 2 years old. All my 5 dogs are fed on Oscar dog food, their ages ranging from 2 to 12 years. They are all very active dogs and this year Kya, my 9 year old German Shepherd will be running at Crufts. I am completely satisfied with Oscar's dog food and, as an athlete myself (I run marathons) I appreciate that correct feeding gets results. Oscars certainly works for my active dogs!"
Dianne Lapworth, Congleton.

OSCAR Means Prizes

“Fun dog shows and agility have always given me a great reward and an interesting life for my Border Collies, Rahann, Nazann and Thaitann - each holders of a ‘Best in Breed’ title. I’m a customer to Steve and Miriam McGarry (Nutritional Advisors, Barrow) and have nothing but praise for appreciating the value of their help in feeding my dogs OSCAR Advanced Fish and Potato. Perfect weights, glossy coats and bright eyes just keep the rosettes coming. Nazann recently achieved a 1st in Mid Limit and 2nd in Graduate class at a Blackpool show and, now with four more shows lined up for the next two months I feel confident of success. I’ve been a long-time OSCAR customer, long enough to prove that I’m feeding the best for my dogs. Having lost touch with OSCAR for a short while and to experience a difference their condition; I was so relieved to come back to good quality food and a spot-on service.”
Ann Geldert, Dalton in Furness

OSCARS Helps Diabetic Dog

"I cannot thank Jill and Steve enough for everything they’ve done to help us with our Dog Tico’s diet since we found out he was diabetic back in March 2009. Nothing is too much trouble, whether it’s speaking to the nutritionalist, or getting a last minute order to us. All part of the service they might think – However today, they went much further than that. As the country grinds to a halt with all the snow. This afternoon our doorbell rings and there’s a very wrapped up gentleman stood there with Tico’s food!! Laughable that Asda cancel all their grocery deliveries, and we live just 3 streets away from them. Yet Steve and his Son can get from Chippenham to ensure that all the animals have enough to eat.. If there’s some sort of beyond customer service award – then without a doubt it should be awarded to the Tubbs! Thank you very much."
Jayne Smith, Swindon.


Fun dog shows and agility have always given me a great reward and an interesting life for my Border Collies, Rahann, Nazann and Thaitann - each holders of a ‘Best in Breed’ title. I’m a customer to Steve and Miriam McGarry, and have nothing but praise for appreciating the value of their help in feeding my dogs OSCAR Advanced Fish and Potato. Perfect weights, glossy coats and bright eyes just keep the rosettes coming. Nazann recently achieved a 1st in Mid Limit and 2nd in Graduate class at a Blackpool show and, now with four more shows lined up for the next two months I feel confident of success.

I’ve been a long-time OSCAR customer, long enough to prove that I’m feeding the best for my dogs. Having lost touch with OSCAR for a short while and to experience a difference their condition; I was so relieved to come back to good quality food and a spot-on service.”

Ann Geldert, Dalton in Furness.

Time to care

What a treat to find a pet food company that offers so much time to making sure that my new Cocker Spaniel would be benefiting from a healthy diet. Last year I said goodbye to my Golden Retriever, he was overweight at fourteen years of age and somehow I felt that his diet contributed towards his problems all because I just gave him what I thought he liked.

Meeting OSCAR and Tom Cartmale at the Stafford County Show introduced me to a whole new concept on how to feed my dog. He gave me so much of his time, taking me through the complete range of foods and the advantages of feeding OSCAR. Tom’s knowledge offered me confidence and support, ensuring that this time my dog started life on a healthy complete food. I want to say a big thank you to Tom for an excellent friendly door-to-door service, which I will highly recommend.”

Dave Booth, Stafford

A Very Good Start

My goodness, I can’t believe how many years I’ve known OSCAR. I was introduced to David and Dawn Jarvis at least ten years ago when Pippa, my tricolour Cocker Spaniel, had health issues, which stopped her from breeding. My vet recommended a better quality food and OSCAR came to the rescue. Over the years I’ve added Tilly, a blue roan who has produced 3 litters totalling 21 puppies and Honey, an orange roan, who, after having had 5 pups in her first litter, is just about to start again.

All of my dogs have been brought up on OSCAR Ultracare; I have no worries about quality or additives, or helping them to maintain good health and regular weight. David and Dawn never let me run out of food and they keep me supplied with puppy buckets to pass on to new owners. It’s so important that my puppies have a good start in life and there is no doubt that OSCAR is the best for food and service. Thank you David and Dawn.”

Mrs Carolyn Purdy

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