Joedee Lush

OSCAR Pet Foods Cardiff and the Vale

Welcome to OSCAR Pet Foods Cardiff and the Vale. We’re thrilled to be taking on a first-class pet food franchise, delivering dog food, cat food, pet supplies and accessories safely to your door throughout Cardiff and the Vale. Wherever you are, be it towns and villages, beaches and coastline, we’ll have no problem finding our way to your doorstep! OSCAR delight in outstanding customer care and provide unparalleled support and nutritional advice to loving pet owners with a fantastic range of high-quality pet foods. Be it kittens or puppies, cats or dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, garden birds or fish – we can support you with free bespoke nutritional advice and prompt pet care supplies delivered straight to your door! One less thing for you to worry about during these unprecedented times.

I’m Joedee, and many of you in our local community will know me from my primary school teaching days and from my husband Marcus – who runs the family business David Lush Butchers in Penarth.

I’ve loved my career as a local teacher but after 25 incredible years I’ve chosen a new life-work balance. You’ve got to have a passion for what you do and I’m really ready for a new and fulfilling challenge. OSCAR Pet Foods Cardiff and the Vale does just that! I‘ve always loved pets, growing up alongside horses and rescue dogs throughout my childhood. Sadly, my teaching career has always meant our dreams of owning a pet have always been set to one side. But not anymore! It’s hard to imagine anyone more obsessed with pets than I am (although it has to be said the prospect of finally welcoming a dog into our house means the children are pretty excited)!

I simply couldn’t offer this service if I didn’t believe in it and it’s an absolute joy to be offering a free delivery service of a product with such outstanding nutritional quality, and honestly labelled for your peace of mind. The delight in my customer’s responses when their problems are solved gives me all the confidence I need to recommend OSCAR Pet Foods, and the subsequent customer loyalty speaks for itself.

Please let me help you with expert advice and exceptional nutritional quality … and show your pets how much you care.