Gill Innes

OSCAR Pet Foods Darlington

Welcome to OSCAR Pet Foods Darlington. My name is Gill Innes and I am thrilled to be taking on my first pet care adventure. If you’re not familiar with OSCAR Pet Foods, you’ll soon discover a company that cares about animal welfare and customer satisfaction in equal measure. My van-based business delivers high-quality dog food, cat food and pet supplies throughout Darlington and the surrounding areas to pet owners who value the benefits of nutritional excellence for their pets. In addition to life stage specific pet foods we deliver an exciting range of pet accessories and pet supplies straight to your doorstep. Whenever you want!

Discovering OSCAR was down to a combination of 2020 Coronavirus and a matter of fate.

My story began with a somewhat surprising switch from refurbishing alloy wheels in the motor trade to discovering nutritional excellence in the pet industry – quite a change!

Lockdown left me without suitable rental space to run a refurb business – and the prospect of unemployment was real. Then a chance encounter led me to discover the possibility of a pet franchise called OSCAR. It seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Thankfully, my passion for our two adorable Parson Terriers – Buster and Bailey – took me to the fabulous Dogwood Adventure Park … and there I bumped into somebody who had also heard of OSCAR.

First-hand experience of unsettled tummies and super sensitive digestive systems meant we were only too aware of the importance of dietary expertise for pets.

The co-incidence was too big to ignore. Further research and some careful questioning revealed a company that shared our values and offered a great service. I was hooked!

OSCAR deliver much more than pet food. From the nutritional side of things, the company’s honest labelling speaks for itself – not to mention the undeniably positive response from pets themselves! But too many people own pets without access to support and education to help them keep their pets safely under control and the opportunity to deliver food with valuable, free advice regarding healthcare tips and behavioural expertise is a fantastic combination. On a more practical note, not everyone owns or has access to a car – and shopping for 15kg bags of dog food isn’t easy without one – so we offer free delivery to help out. We’re certainly fit enough having been used to working with alloy wheels!

At OSCAR Pet Foods Darlington I am keen to help pet owners give the best to their pets – be it health and well-being or diet and behaviour.

The security of an essential business that genuinely helps customers support their pets with exceptional nutrition and outstanding care is an absolute delight. In my household, our dogs are our passion and finding ourselves focusing on pet care is incredibly rewarding.

I hope you’ll be delighted with our quality of service – but most of all I hope our pet food and advice delights your pets.